Sun ‘n Fun Day Two

Day Two of the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo brought more sun… but also special connections and two new perspectives on the show.

First, my cousin Nolan joined us for the day. He’s an aspiring pilot just starting lessons and seeks a career in the industry. So, we toured the grounds, talking with a wide range of friends in roles at a broad spectrum of aviation companies.

He learned how to cleco in a rivet at the Daher booth in the Future ‘n Flight Career Fair, he tested out the new Bose Corporation A30s, and climbed up into the D-Day Squadron’s “Placid Lassie” on the warbird ramp. His take? You can translate a pilot certificate and that knowledge into so many professional paths in aviation. Indeed!

We also did a big loop of the flight lines with my longtime friend Patrick Gordon who has devoted his investment in pilot mental health to working in the HIMS program for Frontier, assisting pilots of any commercial background in getting their medical certificates back, especially in recovery. Thank you Patrick for all you and your peers at ALPA are doing to support pilots when they need it most.

Third, there was the night airshow… it’s becoming a tradition to join friends at Cirrus for a bite and a beer on the flight line before adjourning to the party (with hats!) at Whelen Aerospace Technologies and say hi to the Mike Goulian Aerosports team… thank you Mike and Karen and Nate for a special evening.