Douglas World Cruiser: 100 Years

First Around the World.

The motto that would underpin the Douglas Aircraft Company for decades began with the audacious success of the Douglas World Cruisers, which launched from DAC’s factory at Clover Field—and again from Sandy Point, Washington—in 1924.

Two of the five original models completed the journey, and I track their history in “Honest Vision: The Donald Douglas Story,” my book published on the legendary engineer and businessman, Donald Douglas, in 2018.

Through a series of posts, walk through those exciting days leading up to the launch, and the milestones met as the famous floatplanes—also on land gear—circled the globe.

The Origin of the Douglas World Cruiser Idea

Delivery Day at Clover Field

Dateline: Santa Monica, 1924

Douglas World Cruiser Departure, Almost!

A Clutch of Cruisers Leave Clover Field

Women of Douglas Aircraft

Round-the-World: Pre-Game Flight

A Pit Stop at Pearson

Dateline: Seattle, April 6, 1924

The Fate of the First “Seattle”

Crossing the Pacific by Cruiser

Seattle’s Last Roar

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