AERO Takes on Innovation, Part 1

Day Two at AERO: If you’re not innovating in this space, you’re not doing it right.

Just from the lineup of press conferences on Wednesday, you can sense the bench depth and range of the companies showing off their latest—and those are just the projects they’re ready to talk about:

🟦 Elixir’s two-seat trainers are produced with One Shot composites for low parts count, and low operating cost.
🟥 Daher’s Eco-Pulse has logged 14 “e flights” on its Safran-powered wings, completing noise tests and flying through Phase 3/4.
🟩 Tecnam’s P2006NG reduces training costs, consuming just 14 liters/hour in fuel, and reducing emissions by 70 percent.
⬛️ Cirrus’s SR G7 re-envisions the flight deck using Garmin Perspective+ to simplify the pilot-airplane interface.
🟧 Bell’s 505 hosts the Garmin G600H autopilot, greatly assisting the pilot into hover and other regimes.
⬜️ Diamond’s eDA40 has begun flight testing powered by its Safran ENGINeUS motor.
🟪 Textron Aviation’s service center network has achieved recert from NATA as a Green Aviation Business.

A full day—and that’s just scratching the surface. More to come today as we meet with innovators across the 12 halls and static display…