Flight Training: Projects

We’ve been in the business of flight training since 1993, when Julie Filucci first taught as a flight instructor in Boulder, Colorado. She celebrated 30 years as a CFI in 2023, and she continues to work on various flight training projects, both individually and with partner Stephen Yeates.

In December 2018, we welcomed the debut of Flying Companion: A Pilot-Friendly Manual, a project conceived and published by the cool folks at Pilot Workshops. We were pleased to contribute to the writing, editing, and photography within. The guide, aimed to assist anyone who flies regularly in a general aviation airplane as a friend, partner, family member or spouse, includes 50 tasks that the person can complete before, during, and after a flight. Pilots and nonpilots alike will appreciate these elements of the guide:

  • Task-oriented format – what you can do when and how
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions to complete each task
  • Great look and feel, with full-color photos and graphics
  • Table of contents to make it easy to find what you need
  • Written in Plain English; not acronyms or pilot jargon
  • Packed with useful tips and information for non-pilots–that pilots may also find helpful
  • Spiral bound for convenient use in the cockpit–with an e-version to use on your iPad or other mobile device

Order yours today…it makes a great gift for your favorite flying companion!